Day Trading For Dummies Launches New Magic Formula For Weight Lose And Muscles Building



No matter if you want to lose weight, grow huge muscles, write a best-selling novel  or attract members of the opposite sex, the internet has a 5 minute easy-way solution for you. Just pay $99.99 (for a $10,000 value) and you will be sent the “magic formula” and probably 20 bonus free gifts.


Much of the day trading industry is the same. There are all sorts of Day Trading for Dummies type solutions out there that offer you the chance to pull money out of the market at a rate that would make Warren Buffet blush.


We all know you can get thinner with diet and exercise but really, isn’t there an easier way? Well, no there isn’t . You could be forgiven for buying 2 or 3 eBooks promising magic slimming formula’s before realizing you need to cut back on the cakes but it would be insanity to be buying your 30th.


So, what about day trading? Is there a 5 minute solution? Surely there must be an easy way to transfer other traders’ money to your accounts. It doesn’t really have to be hard work does it? The funny thing about trading is that people end up putting so much effort into their search for a “holy grail” solution, that they would have been better off taking the “hard work” approach.


What appears to be hard work is actually the fastest way to become a profitable day trader. What is the hard work approach though? Well for that, we can take a look at the world of Proprietary Trading Firms and the approaches that they teach their intern traders. Most retail traders believe that professional traders know certain ‘secrets’ that are not shared with retail traders. There are no secrets though; they just use techniques that are very different to the ones that retail traders want to use.


In short, retail traders ‘want’ trading to be a certain way. This is partly the fault of certain very dated trading books and perpetuated by a large percentage of online retail trading communities. Trading isn’t the way they want it to be. It’s somewhat harsher than that. To find out what trading really is, take a look at the following video from Jigsaw Trading – Day Trading for Dummies -