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Travel NR offers a comprehensive range of integrated travel management services for personal and business travel providing you with the best combination of value, technology and customer service

Travel NR is a leading travel management company, renowned for its dedication and personal service, combined with a global reach. Travel NR offers a comprehensive range of integrated travel management services for personal and business travel providing you with the best combination of value, technology, and customer service. A part of the NR Blend, Travel NR works with many of the leading international and domestic airlines from its offices in Hyderabad. We remain steadfast in our business ethic, and never lose sight of the needs of our clients. Our services spectrum continues to increase every year, quite like our happy clients.

Why choose Travel NR:

With a multitude of travel management companies offering customers with the promise of an unparalleled travel experience, it becomes difficult to ascertain which company would serve your interests best. We at TravelNR believe in letting our service and track record speak for itself. With several years of experience, thousands of happy customers to vouch for the incomparable quality of our service, and a whopping growth rate over the years, TravelNR is undoubtedly the leader in the travel management industry. We combine a qualified and expert workforce with state of the art technology and cutting edge business techniques to bring you a travel experience that is inclusive, comfortable and affordable.

Huge Savings:

Apart from buying airline space in bulk, we contract in bulk for hotels, accommodations, ground transportation, sightseeing tours, meals and other services-passing on the benefits of volume purchasing to you. The question is – How do we do it? The answer is simple:We purchase airline space in huge volumes that is virtually impossible to obtain from any other source, thereby allowing us to exploit the benefits of economies of scale and acquire airline seats and hotel rooms at low costs. We in turn pass these reductions onto our customers in the form of huge savings on tickets, accommodation and transport.

24*7*365 Service:

We are a professional organization dedicated to developing long-term client partnerships. When we’re talking about treating you like a celebrity, we mean 24*7*365 Service. A travel specialist will attend to your calls at all times and will help with your travel needs, clarification of queries, change of plans, or just about anything that has to do with travel.
Core Values: Customer Service, Passion and Integrity:

TravelNR prides itself on its travel business experience and excellent customer service that is second to none. Quite simply it’s our personal knowledge together with our passion for travel. We believe we stand apart from our competitors through our application of knowledge and up to date technology. We are committed to establishing and maintaining the highest standard of integrity and customer service.

Peace of Mind:

TravelNR is an certified agency adding strength to our ability to provide a high level customer care that meets the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Banking on TravelNR to purchase a tour or package means complete peace of mind. Since you are paying for the trip in advance, you know the precise cost and can plan your vacation budgets with greater precision. What’s more, you can rest assured that the vacation is being planned by experienced professionals; and in the event of an unforeseen issue cropping up, our tour specialist will only be a call away to assist you.