Women Who Code Reaches 30,000 Members

Non-profit whose mission lends itself to inspiring women to excel in technology careers continues to level-up with increased membership

SAN FRANCISCO, June 19, 2015 — Women Who Code (WWCode), an advocacy group for women in technology, recently announced its member base had reached 30,000. This milestone event highlights the rapid growth and development of the organization since the launch of the very first Network in San Francisco, CA in 2011.

“We’re working hard to connect with women around the world and to help them find the tools they need to succeed as engineers,” said Alaina Percival, the CEO of Women Who Code. “Reaching a membership of over 30,000 is a sign that those efforts are paying off, and is an important benchmark on the path to our goal of connecting one million women in technology.”

Formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2011, incorporated in 2013 and awarded tax exempt status in June of 2014, Women Who Code has quickly evolved into a complex organization that has connected women in more than 50 cities and 18 countries around the world to technology and to one another. Last fall the organization led its first fundraising campaign, resulting in $500K in corporate sponsorships and individual contributions.

Women Who Code continues to expand at a rapid pace -- launching just last month in both Birmingham, AL and Medellín, Colombia -- with no signs of slowing down. They also have a following among many senior women in the tech community like Komal Mangtani, VP of Engineering at Box. “WWCode fuels the growth of women in the field through their empowering network, and the essential support system that they provide. This helps to retain female talent, which in turn improves our chances of increasing the percentage of female leaders in technology,” Mangtani said.

Women Who Code

Women Who Code is a non-profit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. The organization provides an avenue into tech, empowers women with skills needed for professional advancement, and creates environments where networking and mentorship are valued. To date, WWCode has produced more than 2,000 free learning events around the world, garnered a membership exceeding 30,000, and has a presence in 18 countries.

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