Dedicated Activities Director at Stellar Senior Living

It can safely be said that life in a retirement community is all about the activities that they offer. Indeed, apart from the amenities and facilities, what makes a senior retirement home living truly enjoyable is the kind of activity schedules. Therefore, most retirement homes do make an attempt to offer a range of physical, mental and spiritual activities that will keep the residents busy, involved and active.

But Stellar Senior Living goes a step ahead and has a dedicated activities director in each of its retirement homes from the assisted living facility in Coeur d’Alene ID to the assisted living facility in Colorado Springs CO. The primary responsibility of the activities director is how to best to keep the residents of retirement communities such as the Colorado Springs community  and others, physically and mentally happy at all times.

The activities director concentrates on designing a monthly social and recreational calendar that is packed with activities that are fun, enjoyable and stimulating.  They plan events that do not tax or tire the residents needlessly.

For instance, the assisted living community in Colorado Springs CO. has fitness activities such as  “sit and be fit” in the mornings. Bible study, hymns and church services are regularly arranged for the more spiritually inclined. Artistic talents with various mediums are also taken care of such as jewelry making, crocheting, knitting, oil and acrylic painting, and other craft activities. Brain games are regularly organized to keep the mind engaged and active.

The entertainment quotient is also high with Wii bowling, Black Jack, poker and Bingo. Regular ice cream socials and movie nights also add fun for their residents. There are shopping trips, music nights, enjoyable lunches, discussion groups, family activities and what not!
The personal preferences of the residents are always considered the guiding principle in designing the activity calendar. Therefore, all residents feel empowered to decide how to live their day in retirement communities such as the Colorado Springs CO campus  (and others as well).

Stellar Senior Living is a premium provider of senior housing with independent living, assisted living, memory care and respite care facilities in multiple states in the Western United States. It has premier communities in Washington, Idaho, Phoenix and Colorado Springs. It is an allied member of ALFA (Assisted Living Federation of America) and has been bestowed with many coveted awards as well.

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