Warrior Within: A Fictitious Look At Prehistoric Global Conflict

Warrior Within: Lapitus Sea Voyages is a unique, and very intriguing, book about what a world war might have looked like in prehistoric times.

Penned by Australian author Richard Max David, the fantasy novel embraces a way of life that is foreign to our modern culture, yet symbolizes man’s unending quest to conquer and control others.“I tried to picture what life was like a thousand years ago and what the motivations and dreams of warriors would be,” said David. “I came to the conclusion that not much has really changed since then.

“Our technology and weapons are far more advanced, but there is a basic dissatisfaction that lives within all of mankind. It’s truly frightening that this attitude has not changed or evolved over time.”

Considering the lack of communication – not to mention the lack of awareness – between civilizations in 1,000 AD, the concept of a global conflict is unique and startling, to say the least. The story focuses on Zhenjiang, a young warrior born of noble blood in the arctic northern Tungus Mountains, a fictional range in Asia.

Zhenjiang, his group of nomadic warriors and herds of pack animals roam from place to place in their unending quest for new homelands, greener pastures and the dream of a more settled way of life. Along the way, they fight endless battles in continuous pursuit of the unknown.

“I have always wondered where our Polynesian ancestors came from and how our Lapitus civilization came to be,” David said. “I am very passionate about my heritage and I hope my story will inspire others to embrace their cultures as I have through my book.”

David has completed the text for Warrior Within but lacks the funds to transform this work into a hardcover book. In order to raise money for editing, artwork, printing, e-book conversion, distribution and marketing, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign that can be viewed at

Through Indiegogo, David is attempting to generate $10,000, which would cover the above expenses. For a $20 contribution, backers will receive an autographed copy of the book along with a personal note of appreciation.

“Anyone who likes sci-fi, adventure, history or warrior fantasy novels will definitely love this book,” David said. “It’s a novel that can be appreciated on several different levels and by all ages.”

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