Tekmegear's tips on losing weight with the Vegetable Spiral Slicer

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Did you know that there's over 60% of people living in the US that are totally overweight and 37%of them are considered obese.

I wish I had the percentage of people that are getting gastric bypass surgery. My daughter was actually one of those people who lost her hair was sick all the time and after a few years has gained a lot of that weight back. It was a good exercise because she had to make food count because she could eat just a small portion and if it's chips you crave and cake or soda then you are in trouble you will become malnourished right away. Eat less is how most of the weight loss occurred for her and drink lots of filtered water.

We should always make the food that we put in our mouth count for perfect health and vitality.

TeMeGear has made it very easy to prepare fancy healthy vegetable dishes with our recipe book that is included when you buy a tekmegear spiral slicer. This way you will eat healthy without boring looking foods.

The main thing that keeps people from adding fresh vegetables to their meals is the time that it takes to prepare them. This Spiralizer definitely has ease-of-use but it is not for all vegetables so our motto is "the right tool for the right job"

I'm a baby boomer and I am not extremely overweight maybe 10-15 pounds but once I changed my diet to incorporate more raw fruits and vegetables I just lose weight without trying. I also get healthier as a result of eating better. I never eat wheat pasta it's always a zucchini pasta now and usually feel great after eating. Not wanting to take a nap immediately after loading up on carbs. If I feel like having zucchini pasta with Alfredo sauce I generally make it with cashews that's in the recipe book.

TekMeGear also includes the miracle peeler, recipe book,the missing link in everyone's diet, along with a 21 day raw food cleanse a 79.00 value all free. There is more ...for 4 days the price will be at 19.95 for a special Fathers Day gift.

This makes the perfect Father's Day gift.

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