Explore The Amazing Gravity Shifting Gaming Sensation With Standpoint, Presented By Unruly Attractions At Kickstarter.Com


Unruly Attractions is featuring Standpoint, the gravity shifting puzzle-platformer for the game enthusiasts at This is found to be a great evaluation for the game savvies to explore the twisting passages, guided by the voice narrator.

Unruly Attractions is offering a prologue demo to the Standpoint, the first person puzzle-Platformer, to facilitate the gamers to accelerate the game instead of mere reading about it. Users can even go for it in the Steam Greenlight.  Standpoint is generated and designed technically to cater the users of PC, Linux and MAC OSX. This game offers a distinctive maze like world that is being shifted by the world’s gravity to overcome various difficulties.  The wonderful feature of voice narrator accompanies the players as they progress through different stages of the game.

The wonderful gravity game is developed to endorse an emotive and engrossing experience throughout the game for the players. The game is being accompanied with the best sets of atmospheres that perfectly complement the game story. The prime mechanism of the game is based on changing world gravity in 5 amazing zones. Every zone is crafted in a unique manner to energize the player and keep him or her attached to the game.

Unruly Attractions has been developing the mesmerizing Standpoint game from long time.  The team has been extremely dedicated in presenting a high quality and enhanced gaming experience like no one before. The company has dedicated to utilize the money collected from the platform in employing a skilled artist to clean up the environment and license paying. Besides that, the extra amount would be utilized in team development phase.  Unruly Attractions is working hard on releasing a custom level game to entertain the gamers even more! The team of Unruly Attractions is consisted of amazingly talented programmer, composer, writer, voice actor, and vocalist.

Unruly Attractions is dedicated to provide the best of gravity shifting mechanism, original sound track and voice over, post completion trial mode to enhance the entire experience through Standpoint. The team is being appreciated for generating a wonderful experience. Tom Williams, a recent visitor of their web page says, “Unruly Attractions is likely to do a great job. I have been a gaming enthusiast from the very beginning, and that has attracted me towards Standpoint. I loved the way the web page has narrated to the story of the mage. It’s quite thrilling and entertaining. I am actually planning to try my hands on with this amazing idea.”

About Unruly Attractions:
Unruly Attractions is highlighting Standpoint. This is primarily a gravity shifting mechanism game. For more details please visit