Southwest Management Group Services: Futures

Futures contract gives the buyer the obligation to purchase a specific asset, and the seller to sell and deliver that asset at a specific future date, unless the holder's position is closed prior to expiration.

Southwest Management Group offer comprehensive, in-depth research on listed derivatives and their associated underlying markets.

Our research is well known for quantitative analysis, focusing on value comparisons among listed futures and options which can be customized to help clients tailor their individual risk management and investment strategy needs. We help clients create and execute effective trading, hedging and portfolio-management strategies.

Account Types:


Southwest Management Group provides quality and alternative investment services, which offers our clients alternative investments through managed futures accounts.

Investing in managed futures offers the following:

Opportunity for Growth


Regulated Industry

Diversification of Your Portfolio

Potential for Profit

Access to diverse Markets


With the aim of aiding your operation in risk management or return on speculative capital, our cumulative knowledge, expertise, and experience in all facets of access to the futures markets is compiled into a solution that we will provide to you based on your specific needs.

We will devise a comprehensive plan for your operation encompassing best-execution conduits, research, and rate structures for the electronic and open-outcry futures markets into which you require access. In addition to standard futures transactions, we also provide such additional services as execution solutions for customers who require black-box order entry, give-up and prime banking relationships, EFPs, and auto-allocations.

Broker Assisted

Southwest Management Group provides two types of Broker Assisted accounts:

Full service accounts provide an individualized service having access to a number of sources of fundamental and technical research; your broker can tailor specific investment programs or trading strategies for your consideration.

For traders who want fast, professional and accurate verbal order facilitation, then Self-directed accounts may be suitable. Our staff is trained to take the order fast, place the order where it will receive the best and quickest execution, monitor the order, and promptly report prices.