Foam Factory, Inc.’s Spray Adhesive Line

For difficult-to-bond materials, spray adhesives often shine where other bonding agents fail. These adhesives, as the name suggests, are sprayed, rather than squeezed or poured, onto the surface of the items that need to be bonded to something or held together. Foam Factory, Inc. stocks a large variety of adhesives, each of which are dedicated to a particular application, based on the type of foam being used. Different types of foam have different chemical structures that react in unique ways to adhesives, necessitating certain glues for certain projects. When you are looking for the adhesive that will work well with the materials you're using, you first need to understand the material that you are working with to ensure a successful project.

Common Projects

Spray adhesive is typically used on projects where the items being glued will be interacted with. This is because spray adhesive doesn’t result in thick "ropes" of dried glue, and is able to be applied evenly and thinly for a strong but consistent bond. The ease of use makes it popular in arts and crafts projects that involve the use of artificial flowers, wreaths, and small plastic parts as well. And of course, possibly the most common use for this type of adhesive is in upholstery, such as cushions, since it remains flexible even after bonding.

Types of Spray Adhesive

  • Claire Mist is a type of adhesive that works best with open-cell foam, but poorly on closed-cell foam. This glue should be used lightly on projects that require temporary bonds, and more heavily in arts and crafts or cushions.
  • 3M Super 77 is primarily suggested for use on closed-cell foam, though it also works on open-cell foams. However, it should not be used on expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, as it will melt the product. 3M Super 77 is a stronger spray adhesive and should only be used to form permanent bonds.
  • Camie 373 is formulated to work on EPS foam, which can be damaged by other adhesive types. Designed to work specifically with EPS foam, it does not perform well with other closed-cell or open-cell foam varieties.

The staff at Foam Factory, Inc. has extensive experience and knowledge regarding the different types of spray adhesive and how they should be used. They can provide you with suggestions for each type of project that you are working on, and even have PDF tutorials for use at home with DIY projects!


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