iFastPCB Launched Quick Turn PCB Manufacturing Services to Ensure Best Value for Money for Its Buyers


China - iFastPCB, a fast growing Chinese manufacturer of PCB, recently announced that they have already launched quick turn PCB services to make sure that their clients get highest value for money. The owners said that they have incorporated an online ‘order and pay’ system which takes the hassle out of the ordering process. Additionally, the PCB manufacturers claimed that all PCB boards are manufactured to the specifications of the clients and they can ensure zero downtime when it comes to manufacturing and delivery of PCBs.

“We can ensure absolutely no delays in delivery, thanks to the integrated system that is in place. The system checks the designs and human checking is not required. Due to this, the no-touch PCB prototyping service has been able to gain so much popularity. We think that the quick turn PCB prototyping service is the most economical service that we could possibly offer to our clients. It comes coupled with our continued commitment of quality”, said a marketing manager of iFastPCB during a recent press conference.

The owners of iFastPCB declared that from now on, they will use a software based file verification system to check PCB designs right after they are sent to them. Also, clients can re-order the files according to their requirements with no extra or hidden charges. They said that they want to make the manufacturing process more agile, so as to meet the varying requirements of their esteemed clients spread across the world.

“We have our clients in China and outside as well. We have noticed that the competition has grown in recent times. Therefore, we decided to make the prototyping process more fast, human-independent and error-free. Our express PCB fabrication and manufacturing services are specifically aimed at clients who have little time to review or get involved in the process. We can do everything from prototyping to manufacturing and we hope that the quick turnaround that we are offering now would help us gain more traction in the market”, claimed the CEO and managing director of iFastPCB during a recently held press event.

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iFastPCB is a renowned PCB prototyping and manufacturing company.

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