The European Trend

The European design scene has always set the precedent for dominant trends. These hypercompetitive markets have been pushing the limits of what was thought possible for a long time, and this past year, the bar was set once more.

The Eurocucina trade show, which occurs every other year, was held last month in Milan. As usual, the artistic element of kitchen design was at the forefront, with thousands of competing designers coming together to share and compare their revelations with the market. And many attendees were taking note of these trends, to adjust their product lines, and reflect these new patterns.

Some noticeable styles emerged from this celebrated show. Many of them were reflective of the inner-city housing of many of the designers, who specialise in an urban market. The industrial trend was on display, speaking to the urban recovery of commercial neighbourhoods and their transformations in to more residential housing – a trend that Australians can distinctly relate to.

This meant many of the kitchens and bathrooms were demonstrating the typical cement-based blue and grey of the exposed walls. Plenty of piping and faucet designs were built to be more akin to their industrial counterparts, and the matching splashbacks and sink designs played to this motif even further.

As a dynamic firm, All Quality Splashbacks often looks to designers from elsewhere to see trends developing before they reach our shores. This has bred the current product lineup, and has meant that they are often ahead of the game. But this is a constant process, and keeping an eye on the trend-setting marketplace from abroad must happen regularly to ensure nothing is missed, by any market entrant in this competitive space.


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