China Wood Flooring Industry Report, 2013-2016

China Wood Flooring Industry Report, 2013-2016 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. In recent years, global wood flooring industry under the impetus of floor decorative materials market has seen rapid development, especially in China, which has accounted for about 20 percent global wood flooring market share. In 2013, China’s wood flooring sales grew 6% YoY to 400 million square meters, including 44.5 million square meters of solid wood flooring and 204 million square meters of laminate wood flooring. 

Besides meeting domestic market demand, Chinese wood flooring is also exported to a dozen countries and regions e.g. the United States, Japan, Britain, realizing export value of USD660 million in 2013 (a year-on-year increase of around 3%), of which, the U.S. made up 36.2%. 

China, which is already the world’s wood flooring manufacturing and exporting country, but also the largest importer of timber, is facing a continuous rise in wood flooring material costs for the reason that more nations have imposed restrictions on wood cutting and exports in order to protect forest resources. Given this, Nature Home, DER, Kemian Wood Industry, Yihua Timber and other domestic companies have adjusted their strategies in succession to achieve long-term development.

Nature Home: to deepen the “integration” strategy i.e. centered on the floor to further extend the pan-wood home outreach; relying on O2O, retail terminal and other platforms to build an open operating platform involving participation of social suppliers and service providers. 

DER: to focus on transformation and upgrading of products, i.e. to further enhance 
environmental protection and stability of products depending on its original precision structure patented technology. 

Kemian Wood Industry: to set up a subsidiary in Cambodia, import high-quality wood from Southeast Asia, increase raw material reserves and further expand the company’s industrial chain.

Yihua Timber: to strengthen design & development capabilities as well as the ability to development new environmentally friendly products and processes for flexible adjustment of product structure and enrichment of product line. 

China Wood Flooring Industry Report, 2013-2016 pays attention to the followings:
-  Global sales of wood flooring, analysis of key enterprises, etc.;
-  China’s wood flooring production, sales, import and export, development environment, etc.;
-  Market status, competition pattern, etc. of wood flooring segments in China;
-  Production, sales, import and export, etc. of wood flooring materials in China;
-  Operation, development strategy, etc. of 14 key wood flooring manufacturers in China.

Companies Mentioned

Dare Technology Co., Ltd (Power Dekor), Nature Home (China) Co., Ltd, Sichuan Shengda Forestry Industry Co., Ltd., Der International Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., Dalian Kemian Wood Industry Co., Ltd, Guangdong Yihua Timber Industry Co., Ltd, DEHUA TB New Decoration Material Co., Ltd.,  A&W (Shanghai) Woods. Co., Ltd, Treessun Flooring, Elegant Living, Zhejiang Shiyou Timber Co., Ltd, V?hringer (Shanghai), Anhui Yangzi Flooring Incorporated Company, Oastre.

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