What are the Consequences of not getting a High Fiber Foods Diet?

We all know that we need more fiber in your diet. It’s one of those things that the media and your doctor tell you need more of, and you may avoid it due to the fact that there’s too much stress surrounding it. That said, you do want to make sure you have a high fiber foods diet, because if you have a low fiber diet, there may be a few consequences and other symptoms you may experience when you do so. They’ll be listed below, and may make you think twice about your diet.

Eating a low fiber diet can cause hard stools. Eating fiber improves your digestion and makes your stools big and wet, making them easy to pass when you use the bathroom. If you don’t eat enough fiber, it can cause tiny stools that are hard to pass. You’ll strain and feel like you’re giving birth just to pass a stool as big as a pebble. If you want to avoid taking laxatives that will have you running for a toilet every five minutes, consume some fiber.

Low fiber diets can also lead to weight gain. Foods with fiber are more filling, which means that you’ll feel fuller with just only a few high fiber foods. That said, fiber rich foods also take longer to chew. That will lead to you eating longer and feeling fuller because of how long it takes to eat. A high fiber foods diet can help you lose those few extra pounds you’ve gained over the years.

A low fiber diet can also lead to heart troubles. If your family has a heart condition, taking fiber can help you prevent a heart attack in the future. Why is that? Well, it reduces the pressure and inflammation on your heart, preventing your heart from a few ailments.

A low fiber diet can lead to diabetes as well. If you have diabetes, this can make the symptoms worse. This is because fiber allows sugar to be absorbed into the blood much slower, decreasing your blood sugar count. If you have a history of high blood sugar, taking fiber will help to lower those levels.

Eating fiber is something that you need to do all of the time, and there are plenty of foods to do that. Peas, raspberries, pasta, and bread can help provide fiber to your diet, but for some people, these are not enough. There are a few supplements that can give you your daily intake of fiber, and provide you with health benefits that you can’t even imagine. That said, Encompass Nutrients can help you start on your fiber journey. They have more information on fiber and its benefits, the foods that are rich in fiber, how much fiber you need, and they sell supplements as well.