Elsa Peretti: Tiffany Jewelry of Simple, Seamless Style

‚ÄčElsa Peretti's Tiffany jewelry and particularly her necklace designs have seduced almost the whole world with their fluid lines and sensual forms for years now. Peretti's peerless touch is marked by an equal attention to texture as well as appearance. Her silver Tiffany necklace pieces are among Tiffany's most celebrated, and most often replicated jewelry.According to Ms Peretti, "Style is to be simple". A former model turned jewelry designer, Peretti often dresses according to her motto, in a plain shirt and pants, allowing her natural beauty to come through as her style. Her fluid sterling silver Tiffany creations adhere to this philosophy of subtle, natural beauty.

Peretti's iconic open heart design is the standard in Tiffany replica jewelry. The sensuality and grace of her aesthetic is framed wonderfully by this stylized heart image. Tiffany replicas turn up in all corners of the world based on Peretti's necklace designs.

Good Tiffany replica jewelry allows the silver to speak for itself, as Peretti does. Peretti's apples, beans, bones, shells, snakes, hearts and teardrops in smooth silver have been consistently the best selling Tiffany jewelry both in the replica industry and in the many retail stores out there that carry authentic Tiffany jewelry, for years.

What Peretti does is never fussy, never exaggerated and always tasteful. That's what makes her so in tune with the Tiffany house and is the reason she has been there top designer for so long. Simple, beautiful objects are the Tiffany charm. Tiffany replicas that allow the silver to speak for itself are the most successful and the most in harmony with Elsa Peretti's unique vision.