Glam Up Your Garden with Iron Stop Wind Art

 PHILADELPHIA, PA, May 30, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Gardens have more sparkle and charm when wind spinners, chimes and crystal twisters are showcased as part of the overall decor. In addition to the beauty that flowers and plants bring, these decor items make a garden even more delightful for the senses.

The sound of chimes gently ringing in the breeze is a relaxing and soothing sound, especially when combined with the visual element of a brightly colored piece of wind art like a wind spinner or crystal twister. Avant Garden Decor offers a wide variety of garden art that will enhance any garden.

Visually interesting and spellbinding are Iron Stop Wind Spinners and Crystal Twisters which gardeners can integrate into gardens by showcasing them in a highly visible area or tucking them into corners to give visitors a surprise as they catch a glimpse of color and movement.

Wind Spinners are laser cut from high-quality metal, are durable, look great and last a long time. Iron Stop features many different designs and also carries sports team branded spinners which are perfect for Father's Day Gifts.

Iron Stop has taken wind art to a new level with its Lunar Splash Wind Spinner with Spiral Tail and Motor Kit. The combination of motion and color is mesmerizing in this kit that features a unique design of vibrant blue and purple colors, paired with a color coordinating spiral tail. Included in the kit is a 30 RPM battery operated motor which keeps the spinner and spiral tail in constant motion, supplying continual movement for a soothing and relaxing addition to outdoor and indoor decor.

The unique designs in Iron Stop's Crystal Twisters can create an optical illusion and great visual interest. The Iron Stop Classic Copper Twister with Red Crystal has crystals inside the spiral frame that makes it look as though they are moving from top to bottom as the twister rotates. When hanging outside, the sunlight can reflect off of the crystal, creating a dazzling display of light and motion.

Crystal Twisters are an all-purpose decor item that can liven up a front porch, dangle from a deck hook or hang from a light post or hanging basket. Originally designed as an outdoor decor item, they can also enhance the indoors; tucked into the sunny corner of a breakfast nook, a fireplace accent or hanging in a sunroom.

Iron Stop is a part or the brand family of Avant Garden Decor, a premier brand of innovative outdoor living decor, which also includes the CobraCo Brand. From stylish planters and baskets, to flower boxes, plant stands, and fire pits, the CobraCo Brand is the outdoor entertainer's choice for outdoor decor. Avant Garden Decor also offers Gardener's Blue Ribbon brand of garden helpers, such as garden stakes, accessories, and various plant saucers that meet the demands of both gardening hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. Gardeners can contact Avant Garden Decor at or 800-323-5800.

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