Karura Adds New Models to Flight Case Family

Karura Case Co., manufacturers of The Musician’s Flight Case, is pleased to announce the Introduction of New Model Names for their popular travel cases



Karura Case Co., who have dedicated itself since 2001 manufacturing the most trusted Musician’s Flight Case, is pleased to announce the introduction of new model names for CF (carbon fiber) series, CbF (carbon/basalt fiber) series, and the introduction of new models, SafeFlight Pro XL Series and SafeFlight XL


New Model Names are:

SafeFlight Artist Series - previous name was CF (carbon fiber) series

SafeFlight Pro Series - previous name was CbF (carbon/basalt fiber) series



Karura offers 3 different case models each in a variety of sizes. Models differ by construction method and hardware suite. All Karura shell designs can be in one of three construction configurations.



•    SafeFlight Artist Series –Simply the world’s best carbon fiber composite flight case. Artist series cases are designed to provide music professionals with maximum protection and peace of mind during grueling travel schedules. Beautifully hand crafted featuring Karura’s unique cored super carbon fiber composite construction shell. Other carbon fiber composite shells on the market aren’t even comparable. The Karura shell is unique; it is multilayered with a structural foam core. Karura’s proprietary construction significantly increases strength and shock resistance of the case shell while providing much better insulation against cold and head. No other case compares.

•    SafeFlight Pro Series‐ Karura’s premium carbon fiber composite flight case designed to provide guitar builders and traveling musical professionals with maximum protection and peace of mind at a slightly lower price. This case offers protection virtually equivalent to Artist Series cases but at a slightly higher weight (1 lb) and lower price. SafeFlight Pro cases include Karura’s unique super core (trademark pending) carbon fiber composite construction; The Safelight tour is the best carbon fiber composite case on the market with the exception of Kauri’s SafeFlight Pro.

•    TravelPro XL Series– A hand crafted premium carbon fiber composite travel case designed to provide excellent protection and peace of mind at the lowest price and weight. The Karura pro XL features a lighter weight version of Karura’s unique two wall cored carbon fiber composite construction, flight proven corrosion resistant and stainless-steel hardware. These cases are the perfect solution for those looking for Karura protection, style and craftsmanship at the lightest weight and lowest price possible.



The musician flight case experts build the best carbon fiber composite flight cases. Their cases have been protecting travelling artist instruments for over 10 years with their shell and suspension design which has been developed and refined over time in collaboration with the world’s best luthiers and travelling musicians.


Karura Case Co. build cases for musicians who care about their instruments, wanting to keep their instruments safe at all times during travel. For musicians looking for a good quality travel case that is affordable, light weight and versatile then Karura are the company to visit. The cases prevent damage to high value guitars during shipment.



All Karura cases feature 100% satisfaction guarantee, a high-density rubber gasket, stainless steel hinges, and lockable catches that create an impenetrable seal between the two halves of the musician’s flight case. Inside, the instrument rests on ultra foam cushion beds, which insulate it from temperature extremes—while absorbing even the most violent shocks or drops. And the crushed-velvet interior is hand-stylized to fit whatever instrument it is designed for.


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