Jan 28th 2014 - Face-to-face online video consultations with a surgeon are being pioneered by one of Europe’s leading and longest-established hair transplantation clinics to determine the suitability of patients for treatment.

Dozens of men in the UK with male-pattern hair loss who have been initially clinically assessed via the Skype online video calling system have already undergone successful transplants at the High Density Hair Transplant clinics in London and Athens

“It has proved to be a major boon for our prospective patients throughout the UK  and elsewhere in Europe,  saving them the time, trouble and expense of having to travel to one of our clinic centres for their initial assessment” said senior partner Mal Mendelsohn.

“Skype video calling is now being used effectively in many areas of medical diagnosis and it is especially effective in enabling our consultants to assess the suitability of men – and women – for hair transplantation.

“In most cases we are finding that this gives prospective patients the confidence to go ahead with the procedure without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

“Up to now the majority of our patients have been UK residents and the bulk of those from the Greater London area, but increasing we are now conducting Skype consultations with men from throughout the UK and even other parts of Europe.”

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of the NHS has strongly backed the general concept of online consultations stressing that “it breaks down geographical boundaries …and opens up the spectre of 24/7 access”.  Increasing numbers of GPs and health authorities in the UK are also using online video communications such as Skype for consultations with patients

After a preliminary assessment with Mal Mendelsohn – himself a former transplant patient – prospective patients can now be clinically screened online within 24 hours by consultant surgeon Fotis Tsounis, one of Europe’s leading and most experienced hair transplant specialists. The Skype consultation takes no more than 15 minutes.

The vast majority of UK patients opt to have their procedure at HDHT’s recently-opened clinic in Harley Street, London but a small number still prefer to fly out to Greece to combine their transplant with a short holiday break.  “Some people also seek the privacy of having their transplant overseas,” said Mr Mendelsohn.

He said that where patients opted to travel to Athens for their procedure, the package price included two nights in an hotel and the cost of half the airfare to and from the UK.

Patients attending either London or Athens can now opt for the most advanced  follicular unit extraction  (FUE)  in which a special hand-held instrument is used to extract grafts containing between one to six hairs from  the donor area that can be transplanted almost immediately into the recipient site.

“As opposed to the method in which a strip of skin is removed from the back of the neck that could leave a fine scar line, there is no scarring at all using the FUE technique,” said Mr Mendelsohn.

The entire procedure takes up to five-and-half hours depending on the number of hairs transplanted after which the London patients are able to go home the same day. Those who travel to Greece are allowed to fly home after one night stray in a hotel.

“Patients are given medication to take for four days after their procedure but beyond that there is no requirement for any follow-up treatment or aftercare,” he explained.

Former patient, medical journalist Peter Harris, former Health and Medical Correspondent of the Manchester Evening News, commented:  “It is overall a pain free and totally effective procedure that not only restores men’s hair permanently but also restores any confidence they may have lost through their hair loss.

“The fact that initial consultations are now available via Skype and the FUE technique leaves no scarring, make the whole procedure even simpler and more effective.”

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