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USA – MP3 file format is currently very popular and hence one can play files in this format on most audio devices. But when one downloads an audio file or purchases it from any vendor not all of them will be in MP3 format. But in case one wants to change the format of any audio files to MP3, this website provides the necessary software free of cost. This MP3 Converter can be downloaded and used free of cost, is effective and comes with a number of interesting features.

This MP3 Converter basically does two things: one, it compresses MP3 files so that they can be easily emailed as attachments. Two, this software also converts files of other format including OGG, FLAC, M4A and so on into MP3. The best thing about this software is that it is very effective and convenient and additionally comes with a number of advantageous features.

The website says, “The Free MP3 Converter is a simple and straightforward tool that is exclusively designed to encode MP3 files. It is quite a versatile and powerful tool with many functions.”

Some of the advantageous features include the following: this software comes with a convenient to use and simple user interface. Additionally, a help-file is also available which means that this software can also be used by people who are not that tech savvy. In addition to being simple, this software is also power and effective. It provides the required format change quite quickly. In case one requires it, batch conversion can also be opted for where one queues a number of files which are then converted at once. And though this converter has all these good features it doesn’t occupy much disk space.

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The website provides the MP3 Converter which is free and changes files to MP3 format without affecting the media’s quality.

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