Merchant Cash Advance Applicants Enjoy Unprecedented Advantages

US – March 26, 2014. Restaurant Cash Advances, one of the foremost providers of assistance in the food service industry, announced that it is continuing its efforts in offering unsecured business loans to potential and current restaurant owners. Traditionally, restaurants always need a large amount of ready cash in order to operate smoothly or to grow. The ongoing slowdown of the economy has hurt the cash reserves of many restaurant owners, and today many of them are in dire need of additional infusions of cash.

Banks today no longer offer unsecured business loans. This is especially true for restaurant owners, where the rate of failure is historically high. Many restaurant owners have undergone an extremely plodding application procedure only to be denied in the end. Those who do get approved often have to offer security, and they have to pay high interest rates as well. Often they are also restricted in how they will use the loan they receive.

Restaurant Cash Advances, on the other hand, virtually approves every applicant for a merchant cash advance. Unlike other lenders whose interest rates border on the usurious, the rates can be as low as 1.19%. No collateral is required, and the application procedure is simple. The payment terms are also dependent on current credit card sales, and this means that any restaurant will be able to pay every month.

About Restaurant Cash Advances

Restaurant Cash Advances has been hailed by many restaurant owners as the sole reason why their businesses have survived and even thrived. The company offers extremely generous restaurant cash advance terms without any hidden fees or costs. Restaurant Cash Advances also offer merchant cash advance to a client without dictating how the money will be used.

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