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The predecessor of the well known oil painting is the egg tempera in 15th century European painting. After the improvement and development of the painting materials by Netherlandish painter Jan Van Eyck, who is from 1385 to 1441, the oil painting had begun to appear and flourish. Because of the unique contribution of Jan Van Eyck on the further development of artistic skills to make the oil painting, many modern artists give him the reputation as “father of oil painting”. This reputation is very suitable for this man¡¯s contribution.

Nowadays, the modern oil paintings usually use the linseed oil to reconcile the oil paints. The painting process is always on wood and canvas which had been special treated. Because the oil paint will not change color after dry and the paints will not become dirty after reconciling with a variety of colors, the artist can use this oil paint to drawing the painting with the rich and vivid colors. The features of the oil paint are strong coverage and opaque so people can draw the oil painting from dark to light and layer by layer so that people could produce three-dimensional feeling on the oil painting. That is why the oil painting has been widely accepted by most of people around the world.

With the continuously development of the oil painting, the oil painting has gradually become the china oil painting wholesale main way of history of Western painting. Nowadays, most of the surviving Western painting products are mainly the oil paintings. With the development of oil, this kind of painting style gradually entered into people¡¯s daily life. Most of people should hear about the most famous oil painting “Mona Lisa” which is the good performance of an ordinary woman and widely circulated.

In the late 19th century, due to the development of technology, there are many new materials which have been used in the field of painting such as acrylic paint and normal paint in people¡¯s daily life. With this kind of trend, the oil painting artist will become more and more popular in the future.

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