Food Variety and a healthy Diet

A lot of people think that eating the same foods is what’s going to get them through life and you will feel great by doing this. That leads to diets that aren’t’ very good and full of nutrition and it can be a bit of a problem for a lot of people.  There are some things many people try to do in regards to this, but most of the time they continue to eat the same food and they’re not really changing it up.  Not only does this have physical effects on the body but also mental effects as well which could end up being just as bad.  In this article, you will find out what food variety and a healthy diet does for a person and why a person needs it in order to really function well.

The first reason is because a diet with a lot of variety indicates that a person has a lot of different vitamins and minerals in it.  For example, a diet filled with a lot of colorful fruits and vegetables shows that they’re getting more than enough of the required nutrition needed so they can have a healthier and better life.  It also indicates that they’re not just eating one type of food.  Any food is good for you to a degree, whether it be small or large, but in copious amounts it doesn’t do good at all.  Too many fruits and vegetables can lead to a lessened calorie and protein intake and that can be a problem later on when it comes to converting energy.  Too much dairy can cause a person to have too much calcium and vitamin D in the body and it can lead to a vitamin D poisoning.  Too much meat can cause the cholesterol levels to go up depending on the meat, and if you only have sugar and fatty foods, you can say goodbye to your own personal health and hello to heart disease.  It’s the sad but true fact and you need to be on the watch for this because it’s completely necessary to have food variety and a healthy diet

On the mental side of things, it actually can make a person feel better if they eat a variety of food.  Some of the same foods look the same and if you have that all the time every day after a while it can become very boring to say the least.  You won’t’ want to eat and instead you’ll crave when you can simply just eat bad things that might be more appealing.  You’ll feel depression and the only thing that’ll make it better is the bad foods, which is a big problem.  So keep your diet in a variety and spice it up.

Now that you know what food variety and a healthy diet does for you it’s time to do something about it.  You can learn and find out more information on it by going to here for more info.