Global Change For Largest Independent Timeshare Business Magazine

Perspective Magazine announces new format to match growing demand from timeshare industry

Perspective Group, the leading PR & Multimedia Company for the vacation ownership industry globally has again planned another format change of its popular Perspective Magazine brand with perfect timing.

Now in its 9th year, Perspective Magazine was first published as a small monthly recruitment magazine back in 2005. In 2007 it reinvented itself as a full trade publication and over the next three years expanded its reach around the world. From 2010, in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis, the publication expanded its unique global format to a more localized approach by introducing five regional titles; North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe & Middle East, and South Africa which became hugely successful, attracting more advertisers and supporting each of the regions independently. The main reason for this expansion was because companies at the time were downscaling and focusing on running their businesses during difficult times, certainly not looking for further growth opportunities around the world.

However, in 2011 Perspective Group launched the Global Networking Expo, more commonly known as the GNEX Conference, which was designed to bring together industry leaders from each of the magazine’s regions to network and find ways to do business together. After four annual GNEX Conferences, many companies that attend the event are now doing business with people from other countries, and with a rebounding economy and others following its lead with a global theme, Perspective Group has seen a large increase in subscription requests for multi-regional versions of its publication.

Perspective Group, based on growing industry trends, has now taken the initiative to return to a single global edition of Perspective Magazine, effective March 2014 – and with some serious enhancements.

“It’s a global industry that we work in, and most people have come to terms with that now and are looking forward to an exciting future. Our change of format will drive that excitement by drawing attention to many possibilities for business growth,” says Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, Perspective Group.

The newly formatted Perspective Magazine will be printed at an even higher quality. It will also be significantly larger than any one of its regional counterparts and will be distributed globally to the combined subscription databases six times per year. It will also feature more compelling and thought provoking articles from inside and outside of the vacation ownership industry.

Perspective Group has cleaned its extensive databases in readiness for the new high-end publication’s first issue, leaving a strong initial 3,500+ print circulation of senior and middle management industry professionals only, spanning more than 80 countries as a starting point. Throughout the year, this figure will steadily grow as more decision makers are invited to request a complimentary subscription, maintaining a quality audience with no bulk distribution. Global circulation is expected to return to 7,000+ by late 2014. Perspective Magazine will also remain as a media sponsor for almost all vacation ownership industry events worldwide, providing bonus distribution at each event.

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About Perspective Group
Perspective Group provides the vacation ownership industry’s most comprehensive, independent multi-media marketing and publishing services globally. Products and services range from intensive PR & Multimedia services such as INTUTION, a brand visibility service that includes custom content creation and distribution, social media monitoring, online marketing and brand reputation management, to the Perspective Magazine brand, which publishes the leading independent trade publication globally, as well as custom membership magazines for clients.

Perspective Group is a media sponsor of more than 30 industry events per year and participates on a number of trade association committees. They also host their own annual industry leader event, the Global Networking Expo (GNEX Conference), operate the coveted Perspective Magazine Awards program, and produce an annual event for the Canadian Resort Development Association (CRDA). For further information please visit