Libbey turns trends into business potential

Libbey dishes out professional insights for success

Restaurateurs, hoteliers, and other food and beverage professionals constantly seek new ways to differentiate their establishment to attract new customers while also keeping current customers coming back. One way they do this is by staying on top of emerging trends. To offer perspective on ways trends can be brought to life in their restaurant or bar, Libbey® recently launched “Libbey Professional Insights.”

“While information on foodservice trends is available widely, it’s time consuming to gather it and translate it into the needs of the establishment,” said Susan J. Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey Inc. “The purpose of Libbey Professional Insights is to regularly provide data, inspiration and industry news to help our customers celebrate today’s hottest trends in a way that builds business.”

The Insights initiative was introduced with our view on four overarching trends. A few of the trends include the movements to use locally sourced ingredients and incorporate root-to-stem and nose-to-tail on menus, opportunities to feature global flavors, and ways to create communal and personal experiences for guests. More trend information will be added throughout the year.

“Libbey provides information about these and other trends along with insights on how the right glassware and tableware can help the establishment capitalize on trends and elevate their guest experience,” Dountas added.