Because Korea invests tons into pretty, amazing looking black desert

Because Korea invests tons into pretty, amazing looking Black Desert Silver  . They don't always play out so well in the West given that they are developing for a very different market, but yeah. But for reals, upcoming Korean MMO's like this and Bless are fucking gorgeous.

Also, it releases on PC sometime later this year in Korea. There are no announcements for a Western release beyond Pearl Abyss wanting to bring it over to the West at some point.

I've been waiting to hear if this game was going to release in the west. It looks amazing. I've also been waiting for Blade and Soul. I don't know much about Bless. I wish they'd import them and give NA mmos some decent competition.

I'm enjoying FFXIV and I'm leery of ESO (because of TERA).

I honestly wouldn't expect Black Desert until 2016/2017, and Blade & Soul until 2015. Pearl Abyss still has to finish up the game first, and then they will likely seek other releases in the Asian market before seeking out Western publishers to localize/publish the game out here. Blade & Soul is being delayed so it doesn't step on WildStar's toes and eat up potential sales/subscribers. It was initially supposed to be out within the year, but that   .