InterWeave Smart Solutions announces the InterWeave Premium Combined Server for our CRM customers: incorporates your InterWeave Solution on your server.

New York – September 15, 2015 – Integration Technologies, Inc. (IT), the market and technology leader in on-demand Integration Solutions, today announced the InterWeave Premium Combined Server for our  CRM customers which incorporates your configurable InterWeave Solution on your Server – right next to your financial solutions company file.

“By incorporating your configurable InterWeave Solution on your Server with your financial solutions company file, we are providing the following for our customers:

  1. Maximum possible performance – no interference with other customers on community servers and your local financial solution connectivity.
  2. Maximum reliability of your local financial solution connectivity and data processing – no http or socket failures.
  3. Increased security (no transfer of your local financial solution data over the wire – it is better than secure transfer)
  4. More “live” Integration: interval between flow runs be decreased – no competition from other community server members

This is what today’s customers require. InterWeave Premium Server for CRM delivers much more than expected.” said Bruce Magown, CEO of Integration Technologies, Inc.”

“Regarding our Smart Solutions, you don’t need to be a technical resource, analyst or developer. We supply the Smart Solution, the servers, the solution specialist personnel, but most important; we supply the application knowledge at a process, data and technical level through years of working with them - in configurable form.” Said Bruce Magown, CEO of Integration Technologies, Inc. This is available today. There are a variety of InterWeave Smart Solutions available; from CRM, Financial, ERP, eCommerce, Billing, to complete Quote and Order Management in iOffice. Contact us at 203 274 5226, email or go to for more information.

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Integration Technologies is a pioneer in the development of Smart Solutions for uniting systems, legacy applications, databases, workflow's, and Web services, from within and across the enterprise as a service; and then extends those systems to connect with their suppliers and customers. As a leading Systems Integration solution, Integration Technologies InterWeave Smart Solutions offer a rapidly deployable and infinitely scalable Solutions for integration of business-to-business, business-to-consumer connectivity, business processes optimization and application integration. For more information, please visit


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For more information, please visit


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