3 Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Save Him Time

On Father's Day, our intentions are good. We ask what our men want, and they say nothing. Why? Unlike women, who have been evolutionarily conditioned to do the gathering and caretaking of items to help the family run smoothly day to day, men, stereotypically, call these items “junk”.

If you are gifting your man with something he doesn’t ask you for, your gift is literally, sorry to say, useless. 

So what do they want? Freedom. By saving time on tasks around the house, he can spend more time and energy on... whatever he wants. Who wouldn’t love that?

These amazing tools will help him do things you ask him to do anyway and he will thank you for going the extra mile to make his life easier.

  • LED Net Lights. Instead of spending hours weaving lights around your home for your summer party or christmas decorations, he can drape these nets over anything in minutes. With the LED bonus, he won’t have to replace bulbs as often either.

  • Charcoal Starters. Get one for your next BBQ or get a mini version for camping to get charcoals heated much faster so dinner is done sooner! No lighter fluid or blocks needed, just a few sheets of paper and wait about 10 minutes.

  • Self-Watering Plants. He won’t miss going up to four months without watering the houseplants. An added bonus: You can add plant food to the water. A multi-tasking no-brainer!