Incorporation in Qatar – Easy and Beneficial

•    Incorporating LLC in Qatar requires i) a minimum of one director and ii) two shareholders.  Foreign investors are permitted of 49% ownership;

•    The minimum issued capital is equivalent to US$55,000;

•    It takes three weeks to setup a company in Qatarand the client doesn’t have to travel;

•    Healy Consultants offers its expert knowledge and more than ten years of experience of incorporating companies in Qatar to our Clients;

•    Companies registered in Qatar can receive tax holidays of up to 10 years.

•    There are no custom duties on imports of machinery, equipment, and spare parts;

•    Corporate tax is set at 10% on global profits. However, companies operating in oil and gas industry are subject to 35% of corporate tax;

•    There is no personal tax, nor VAT, nor export taxes, nor capital gains payable;

•    There are no income tax or social security deductions payable on wages and salaries;

•    To aid mobilization of goods, Qatar boasts 5 modern seaports, 2 international airports, and modern roads connecting Saudi Arabia and the UAE;

•    Qatar business setup is an excellent way to book global profits while legally minimizing international tax;

•    Qatar is a great place for engineering firms and investors, given the US$150 billion estimate of government infrastructure expenditure over the coming decade;

•    The country offers liberal immigration and employment rules, persistently enabling import of skilled and unskilled foreign labour;

•    Foreign companies setting up industrial plants in Qatar benefit from the country’s vast natural resources by having, i) natural gas priced at US$0.60 – US$0.75 per million Btu ii) electricity priced at US$0.0178 per Kwh and iii) industrial land at a nominal rent starting at one Qatari Riyal (US$1 = QR3.64) per square meter per year;

(Visit OPEC’s facts and figures webpage for Qatar here)

•    Qatar’s capital - Doha has a multi-cultural population and developed infrastructure for bankingand business. Entrepreneurs have access to high quality office and residential accommodation with reliable power and utilities.


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