Nike Fuelband Review 2014: Monitor Your Daily Activities and Fitness with Nike FuelBand SE from

Nike is the all time favorite brand for sports shoes, clothing and gear for a reason. Every season the iconic brand comes up with new designs and forms, which produce results that meet both functional, bend of mind with the stylish. Nike gives its loyal customers some of the best products ever and a large variety to choose from and even make very personal statement with its innovative collections like Nike Free, NikeiD, Nike Flyknit and so forth. Among its latest launches in gear, Nike Fuelband SE stands out like a moon in the night sky. Here is our Review for Nike Fuelband SE:

Sleek and smart, Nike Fuelband SE is every active person’s dream. The not-so-active person thinks that as soon as he gets his hands on the Fuelband, he will have constant and daily reminders and inspirations to be more active. The second edition of Nike Fuelband SE is designed in such a way that it tracks all your activities. From morning until night, whatever you do is recorded. It is one of the smartest activity trackers till date and is wildly popular among the young generation and the health conscious. With Nike Fuelband coupon codes, you can save up to 20% on all fuelbands plus get Free Shipping when you shop online.

The reminders that you set right on your wrist keeps you from becoming a slacker in the activity department and keeps you motivated. Nike Fuel Band SE comes in four distinct colors namely, Volt, Pink Foil, Total Crimson and Black. The new launch of Nike Fuelband SE Silver is just as popular and chic as was the Rose edition. It sits on your wrist like a king and dictates your activities like a pro. Nike Fuelband SE is available in three sizes- x-large, medium/large and small, with removable links; so that you can remove them or add them to fit you the way you want. The band boasts of only one button and has an attractive 100- dot LED display. The band has matt finish so that you can see the display even in sunlight. Nike+ is the companion app of the device and come with the ability to categorize your friends into groups of your choice. You can set hourly reminders to get up from your work and stretch for five minutes to get the blood flowing. Nike Fuelband SE is faster and has a much longer battery life than its predecessor. The readouts and options all slide swiftly and with precision. You can keep in touch with your Nikefuel score as well as keep track of what your friends are up to at any given time of the day. Nikefuel is one of the most amazing features that Nike has come up with in recent years with a unique way to measure and record your activities and sync it up with your iPhone to stay in control even when you are not wearing the band.

Nike Fuelband SE is easy to charge as the band is fitted to plug into your computer’s USB port without any need of external cables and the like. Two new features have been added to the second edition. The ‘Hours’ feature will remind you to get up and do some activity to limber up your muscles at an hourly time frame, while the ‘Sessions’ feature takes into account any specific activity and reports in Fuel/minute. You can compare your scores with your friends and fellow Nike Fuelband SE users and infuse your daily workouts with a bit of competition and determination. You can have your average calculated and decide where and how you need to improve.
The battery life is by far the most improved update. The bottom line remains that as a smart activity tracker, it remains unparalleled in the gadget world. Nike paid attention to what people want and has streamlined the product into delivering the best features and all that a person needs to remain active. Please visit now for Nike Fuel Band promo codes and savings on thousands of other products.