BBQ, Health And Hygiene

Somewhere in Sydney: middle of the summer, sunny weather, clear skies, a backyard full of happy, laughing people and an inescapable scent of smoking meat coming from the barbecue. Yes, it's just another wonderful day to enjoy outdoors. Even though the picture may not look exactly the same for you, the grill probably still has a reserved place in your summer routine. Ribs and steaks go well with cold beer on a hot day, but some of your cooking and eating habits may have a negative impact on your health. If you actually care about your and your family's well-being, here is some advice to improve your overall BBQ experience.

Trim with confidence. Too much fat equals trouble. Next time you buy pork with the good intention to prepare tasty steaks, make sure you only select clean and lean cuts. If no such things exist in store – pick whatever you find. But when you get home, don't forget to trim excessive fat prior to barbecuing. Remember – you need the meat, not meat and fat 50:50.

Salt and seasonings. You know that too much salt is no good. But it may be way too late if you start thinking about it when you taste the over salted ribs coming from the BBQ. In order to get a healthier but still delicious meal, try to replace some of the amount of salt with other spices. This will reduce salt and will add more flavour in the same time. How about some fresh herbs from the garden? Wait, you don't have a garden? Or you have one but you don't grow any herbs or vegetables there? It's okay. You can always buy them from the supermarket, just look for fresh herbs instead of packed ones.

Bread and vegetables. When meat leaves the grill, it gets combined with other foods. Forget about hot dog and burger buns – those are not only unhealthy but corny as well. You'd better opt for wholemeal bread. This way you'll get more fibres, vitamins and other nutrients, because wholegrain products are not too refined. And since we mentioned vitamins, there are much more of those waiting for you in various vegetables. For instance, you can improve taste by including plenty of salad vegetables of different colours. Beside veggies, why not add some fruits too - apples and grapes would be a great choice. Many also experiment with beans and nuts.

BBQ cleaning. Like most people, you probably use your barbecue mainly in the summer. But if you don't store it the right way during the colder moths, your health might be at risk. As a part of general grill maintenance, you have to regularly give your unit a deep clean – especially after a period of more intense use. According to skilled BBQ cleaning specialists in Sydney, if you leave it at a place with high levels of humidity and poor air ventilation, you may end up having mould on your barbecue surface.