New Independent Production Company MORAS PRODUCTIONS Heads into Production on First Feature Film

LOS ANGELES (September 29, 2014) – Moras Productions, a newly formed independent production company based in Los Angeles, opts for the dramatic film 30 DAYS WITH MY BROTHER as their first feature venture. The film is slated to start production in October, helmed by indie director Michael May with Omar Mora and Adrian Nuñez cast in the leading roles.

30 DAYS WITH MY BROTHER tells the story of two estranged brothers who meet after seventeen years of separation and are forced to face their past, while trying to restore the bonds of brotherhood.

“This story is about family, brotherhood, loyalty and searching for each other. We need films like this one nowadays, when families are becoming more dysfunctional than ever and loyalty is disappearing. The Latino community is growing exponentially in the United States and stories like this one offer positive messages to these ever changing families,” explains Omar Mora, founder of Moras Productions.

The decision to dive into the feature film arena comes after Moras Productions premiered their first project, a short film titled “A Busy Mind,” on PBS in Southern California back in May 2014. The film was greeted with such high acclaim from its nearly 18 million viewers, the indie shingle decided to take the next logical step forward.

Moras Productions is also currently in-development on four additional films. Their slate of projects range in genre, from family films to dramas to thrillers, horrors and sci-fi films. Mora adds, “We’re looking forward to telling as many stories as we can. Stories that entertain, but at the same time deliver messages of hope, dreams, love, faith, adventure, magic, the universe and especially stories that let us think freely.”

30 DAYS WITH MY BROTHER is expected to release in 2015.

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