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Do you know what a catalytic converter is? Well, a catalytic converter is actually a cylinder that creates a chemical reaction in an automobile’s exhaust. The catalyst is made out of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. These specialty metals change the exhaust from harmful gases, into harmless gases. Usually, catalytic converters are installed on large vehicles or on vehicles that belong to a company, because most of the times there are internal regulations that require this. But catalytic converters cand be found on many cars, sometimes being installed by the manufacturer. Just like any other car part, at some point the catalytic converter can stop functioning properly, or it can simply get old and it has to be replaced with a newer one. Nothing too complicated. But the question is, what can you do with an old or a bad catalytic converter?

These days, one good option you have to get rid of a bad catalytic converter is to sell it. But not a scrap yard, that will pay for it less than it is worth it, but to a company that will then refine it and that actually pays well for such products. If you have just replaced a bad catalytic converter and now you would like to sell catalytic converter, the best place to come is! is a division of the company S.C.R.A.P. Inc, a division that was launched in the year 2009 and has the purpose of purchasing used catalytic converters and refining them. This company is a good place to come is you want to sell catalytic converter, offering good prices for all converter models and then recycling them, instead of lettting them go to waste and polute the environment. was launched as an alternative selling option for people to sell and ship directly any bad catalytic converter to a refining company, receiving a higher and more accurate value for each scrap converter. This division managed to revolutionize the converter recycling industry and nowadays more and more people and companies are choosing to ship their used catalytic converters to instead of selling them for almost nothing at scrap yards. Due to this amazing division and the refining service, the company mentioned above now has thousands of satisfied customers all around the world and the division constantly purchases and refines any type of bad catalytic converter. This means that if you decide to sell catalytic converter, is the right place to come!

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