New Ios App Brings Personal Touch To Digital Greetings


Digital greetings are made wonderfully personal with the launch of all new iOS app, The Greetings Studio 1.1 this week. The unique app lets iPhone and iPad users shower their loved ones with heartfelt sentiments that make the expression of electronic emotions easier, faster and sweeter than ever before.

The all-new 1.1 version builds on the immense popularity of its predecessor and features fixed backgrounds, improved aspect ratio, elimination of minor bugs and enhanced control for the re-sizing, rotation and movement of elements.

The app offers a wide range of customisable extras including an extensive background library, vast sticker collection, multiple frame options and interchangeable fonts encompassing over 50 different styles. These added embellishments ensure messages can be conveyed exactly as the sender intends. The app is also great for those on a time budget, allowing users to choose from a great range of readymade greetings for all occasions.

The iOS compatibility gives users the power and flexibility to send thoughtful messages from anywhere at any time. This makes it perfect for those random moments of overwhelming affection!

Araju Patel, The Greetings Studio creator says, “The greetings studio is a unique app to greet your special ones, wherever you are and whenever you want.”

The app is incredibly versatile and allows greetings to be saved to the device camera role and redistributed via popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or Wechat. Greetings can also be mailed directly to Facebook private messaging accounts which is a fantastic option for social media lovers. For those who want to make their affections public,The Greetings Studio creations can also be posted straight to Facebook walls or Twitter feeds. To create a physical version of the greeting card the easy to use one click function allows creations to be distributed in print form.

As well as helping express sentiments of love, sending greetings via The Greetings Studio is a paperless way to help to save trees and conserve the environment.

The Greetings Studio iOS app is the ideal companion for anyone seeking a unique, meaningful and creative way to acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries, special events and everything in-between!  

The Greetings Studio is available to purchase from the iTunes store for just $1.99. This makes it a fantastically affordable option for anyone who wants to let their loved ones know that they care.

To find out more about The Greetings Studio or to purchase the iOS app, please visit:

About The Greetings Studio: Created by Araju Patel, The Greetings Studio offers users a one-stop digital platform for the creation of unique, beautiful and customisable messages. The greetings can be distributed via a wide range of platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. The app is available to purchase from the iTunes store for just $1.99 which represents great value for iPhone and iPad users of all budgets.

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