Optical sensor helps avoid surgeries by monitoring intracranial pressure in the skull

Surgeons during the treatment of serious brain injuries face a critical problem with finding the location of the brain system features in a closed invisible cavity of the skull. However, the qualitative measurement of the blood pressure internally in the skull can be derived with different pathology. New innovative technologies have been developed in the medical industry to assess the intracranial pressure (ICP). These new technologies are offered through the implementation of wide range of ICP optical sensors. The main advantage in offering the optical sensors is to obtain the information safely without any electrical signals passing through the brain or the surgeries. The increase in the ICP is a critical life threatening situation which effects in ability of brain tissues and the flow of blood into the brain. Standard monitoring without any surgeries to the body can be made possible with optical sensors.

Optical Sensors are currently the most actively developing areas in the medical field. The most significant benefit of optical sensors is the innovating new techniques in measuring effectively and other advantages include the size of the component, strength to control the effects of environment of electromagnetic interventions and high sensitivity.

The conversion of the pressure inside the skull into digital electrical signal by the conventional sensor usually depends on the piezoresistive principle which has large number of limitations technically. The limitations in sensing the pressure are usually in terms of high temperatures, chemical sensitivity, and electromagnetic interfaces which restrict the utilization of the sensors. All these constraints are solved by optical sensors which provide long term reliability and mainly the size of the component. Though commercial success for optical sensor can be derived from huge volume production of the components and increase in the medical applications, there also involve into disposable medical devices with low cost and create such opportunity.

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