On the Next Ask Dr. Love Radio,Could Yoga Help You Create Enduring Love? With Guest Author Peter Sklivas

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If you’re like most people, you yearn to find enduring love, the kind of love that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

Could yoga be a path to finding this kind of love?

This week, Dr. Turndorf ( aka Dr. Love ) be introducing you to Peter Sklivas who has practiced yoga and meditation for

more than 30 years.

In 2006, he created HotCore Yoga, combining hot yoga with body mechanics, ujaya

breath, and spiritual awareness. He currently teaches yoga at his studio in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts.

Peter completed his first novel during a pilgrimage to the sacred river Ganga in Rishikesh, India. The Secret of Enduring Love: Yoga Romance of Damayanti and Nala, is a 21st century retelling of an ancient Vedic tale from India.

Brimming with romance, this delightful tantric love story offers an engaging introduction to yoga as a powerful tool for transformation and love.

His novel has garnered high praise from respected reviewers such as Kirkus Reviews who says: “Author Peter Sklivas has accomplished a remarkable novel blending elements of historical romance with principles and legends of India's fabled yoga traditions. The result is an original and engaging entertainment from first page to last! The Secret of Enduring Love: Yoga Romance of Damayanti and Nala is very highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library collections.”

Dr. Jamie Turndorf ( aka Dr. Love) is excited to share with you Peter’s ideas on the link between yoga and enduring love.


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