The Essential Benefits of Horse Insurance

Owning a horse or a pony can be expensive and carried with it a lot of responsibility no matter if you own a horse for pleasure or if you own a horse for commercial or competitive reasons.


Horse insurance is vital to any horse owner as it protects you against the unpredictable costs. Having horse insurance allows you to be covered for any medical problem that may occur instead of worrying about the huge cost that could be involved if you were not insured.


There are many benefits to having horse insurance, with the overall benefit of saving you a great deal of money if any medical treatment was required, but lets have a look at the most important reasons why any horse owner should consider horse insurance with Equine Insurance (



1.    Veterinary Fees

The most important reason to have horse insurance is for the veterinary fees. When a horse needs medical treatment a veterinary bill can be expensive, leaving you to find the money to pay for treatment. When your horse becomes ill or even becomes injured then the first person you call is a vet, but along with that call comes a bill that could become bigger and bigger depending on what treatment is required.

Unlike other animals, a horse could require regular medical treatment if it is unwell where the bill could be up to several thousand dollars. Paying a few thousands dollars in one lump sum could be very hard for a lot of people and even a simple kick wound which could cost around one thousand dollars or more, could result in the horse owner seeking financial assistance.


2.    Total Loss Cover

If anything happens to your horse, this could be your horse has been stolen or your horse has died, by having horse insurance you will not be out of pocket as your insurance company will repay you the market value of your horse or pony.  

3.    Personal Accident Insurance

If you run a riding school then it is important that each horse is insured for personal accident insurance. If one of the riders has an accident then they will require compensation for injury and loss of wages if they are employed, they will also require medical bills to be paid and if the horse is not insured then this could cost the owners many tens of thousands of dollars. Even if you do not run a riding school but you allow another person to use your horse on occasions then it still makes sense to have personal accident insurance in case an accident does occur.

A lot of new horse owners try to avoid horse insurance, thinking that their horse will not require medical needs or an accident will never happen, it is only when a vet is called to treat the horse that they start to wish they had horse insurance.

Having horse insurance should be the first thing people think about once they have bought a horse, it will save them money and allow for peace of mind.

If you would like to learn more about horse insurance please visit Equine Insurance, where you can receive a free quote on insuring your horse.