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Table of Content Executive Summary
The market Modest growth in 2013 driven by service sector Figure 1: UK market for contract cleaning, 2009-13 Business services remains largest end-user segment Figure 2: Segmentation of the UK market for contract cleaning, by end-use sector, 2013 Contract cleaning sales will continue to show restricted growth Figure 3: Forecast UK market for contract cleaning, 2014-18 Market factors Minimum wage rises place pressure on industry profit margins Figure 4: The UK national minimum wage, 2000-13 Specialist cleaning prices rise in latter half of 2013 Figure 5: UK industrial cleaning price index, 2010-13 Employment transfer regulations eased slightly in 2014 Companies MITIE Cleaning maintains healthy profit margins while increasing revenues Regent illustrates broader trend to diversify provision What we think 

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Definitions Methodology Abbreviations Issues in the market Market positioning The customer The supplier UK economy Inflation Interest rates Consumer spending Manufacturing Business investment Market factors The economic environment Outsourcing and insourcing trends

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