<strong>EXAIR's Static Eliminators Help Resolve Winter Time Production Line Problems</strong>

Winter's cold weather brings dry air and, consequently, more static buildup. During the winter, material moving through a production line, like plastic parts over a roller, a cardboard stamping operation, or a shaped piece coming out of an extrusion process or rolling operation will inevitably acquire a static charge that can mean: dust buildup on products prior to finishing or packaging, products clinging to each other or the conveyor, jammed or torn material, and potentially damaging shocks to personnel and equipment.

EXAIR's static eliminators use compressed air to flood an area of charge imbalance with static neutralizing ions. Because not all parts on the conveyor are the same shape, EXAIR offers a full line of static eliminating solutions — from an Ionizing Point, that is ideal for static elimination on winding and slitting operations, all the way up to the Super Ion Air Knife, which can deliver static elimination up to 20 feet away! No matter the configuration, EXAIR is sure to have a way to neutralize static on any production line. Because winter is here right now, EXAIR is offering a special promotion on all static elimination products. Click here to find out how EXAIR's static eliminators can help you!