Bothbest Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Solutions Are Tailored towards High-Traffic Locations

China - Bothbest strand woven bamboo flooring solutions are primarily aimed at high-traffic commercial locations and workplaces, through a good number of private property owners are also choosing strand woven bamboo over other sorts of materials. The China based manufacturers confirmed that their strand woven bamboo flooring has got wide currency among the office and commercial space owners who experience a lot of traffic every day. The bamboo products manufacturing firm produces now cost-effective strand woven bamboo floors for commercial locations that get huge traffic every day.

“Our strand woven bamboo flooring comprises of compressed strands of bamboo strips which we source from the bamboo groves spread in different parts of the country. The strands are made from the strips under pressure and we use a heat-sensitive low volatile organic compound adhesive to split the poles into strands. Afterwards, they are cold pressed and we slice the blocks and apply the coating”, explained a top executive of Bothbest Bamboo Flooring Co. Ltd, the China based manufacturer of bamboo products.

The executive also informed that the density of the strand woven bamboo floor is more than 1100 kilograms per cubic meter. He claimed that the strand woven bamboo is a lot harder than another popular choice for flooring, oak.

“Basically, strand woven bamboo flooring is ideal for places and locations that get a lot of footfalls every day. For example, we recommend using strand woven bamboo flooring in hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, schools and apartments. At present, these floors are primarily used in commercial locations, although there is a steady demand for this kind of flooring among residential and private property owners as well. We guess that the eco-friendly aspect of this type of flooring and the sheer elegance of the bamboo floors attract a lot of people”, added the executive.

At present, Bothbest offers natural, carbonized and tiger colored bamboo flooring solutions. The company also uses an anti-scratch top coating to ensure long life of the floors they supply. Apart from offering 25-year delamination warranty, the company also offers an additional five-year wear-through warranty on aluminum oxide coated bamboo flooring.

About the Company

Bothbest Bamboo Floring Co. Ltd is a China based manufacturer, supplier and exporter of ec-friendly bamboo floors.

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