J.R. Davis Premier Vending Services

“Vending” comes from the Latin word “vendere” meaning “to sell”. A vending machine is a technological advancement that dispenses a variety of goods and products purchased by coins, paper money or electronic payment cards. The first vending machine was invented by a Greek mathematician named Hero more than 2 centuries ago when he devised an instrument to vend holy water in Egyptian temples. Vending machine services Bloomington have come a pretty long way since then.

For more than 3 decades now, JR Davis Vending Services has been famed for providing high quality services when it comes to full line vending, coffee, and water services in Southern Indiana. The company takes pride in its commitment in guaranteeing customer satisfaction which is what sets them apart from any other vending company. They offer a large selection of products including the ones you love, as well as the latest products in the market.

There’s nothing like a nice warm cup of freshly brewed coffee to get the day started. Start the day good and motivate your employees with the perfect cup of their favorite coffee or tea from J.R. Davis Vending. With their state of the art machines vending a wide selection of fresh delicious coffee and teas, free repair of coffee equipment, and customizable coffee systems, customer satisfaction is unquestionably guaranteed. Coffee brewers offered include Pod Single Cup Coffee, Glass Pot and Thermal Carafe Brewers, High Volume Brewers, and Colibri Whole Bean Brewers.

J.R. Davis vending state of the art equipment and machines are always fully stocked with all the products you love and the newest variety in snacks, soda, and fresh made sandwiches. Each machine uses cutting edge technology equipped with improved LED high visibility lighting, energy efficient machinery, accurate delivery and dispense systems, and even optional “The Mind” nutritional information screens. Vendors Exchange Revisions door, Seaga Sandwich Machine, and DN 5800 vending machines offered are set up with USA Technologies Card Reader reader ePort so you can use your credit, debit and new contactless cards for purchasing. With the ePort you can use full, back-end reporting to enhance operational efficiencies, benefit from a discounted transaction rate via a USA Technologies Financial Services system and access prepaid and loyalty programs.

J. R. Davis vending machines are always fully stocked to supply over a hundred blends of coffee and tea from the best of international brands, healthy option snacks, confectioneries, beverages, and cold food selections. Start the day right for each employee by providing them with a cup of their favorite blend of Starbucks coffee and American Classic Devil Food Cake or Soda with a Pierre Franks Hot Sauce Chicken Sandwich. JR Davis Vending offers superior quality service at an affordable price carrying everything you need to satisfy your vending demands.