Enjoy The Best Of The E-Cigs Collection At Canterbury At An Affordable Price With Steamlite


Canterbury, UK ( March 3, 2014): Those who are residing in the beautiful location of Canterbury do not need to waste their time anymore, looking for alternative smoking options here and there. SteamLite, the best manufacturer of electronic cigarettes are proud to announce their arrival in the market of the city.

SteamLite is the top most brand in the world, as far as electronic cigarettes are concerned. Electronic cigarette in Canterbury by steamlite has been addressed to inspire the idea of quitting the tar loaded harmful regular cigarettes. The super megastore of the company is enriched with a world class collection of more than hundred different e liquids. The company is highly regarded to bring in really interesting yet inexpensive e-cig kits and related accessory range.

SteamLite benefits their customers in every possible way by availing unbelievable discounts and unmatched offers.  Apart from that, they have brought different types of cartomizers at an affordable rate. This company is a one stop solution for e liquid in Canterbury. With over 150 distinctive electronic liquid flavors, SteamLite has successfully captured the highest market share.  The exotic chocolate flavor is been found to be the most preferred flavor in the international market. The chocolate flavor of this e-liquid range has amazingly created the mystic feeling of electronic alternatives of original harmful cigarettes.

E cigarette Canterbury is also been highlighted with the awesome line of various conventional electronic cigarette kits. The couple kit, recently launched by the company is been rated very high. The kit with interesting menthol and authentic tobacco flavor is offered with 50 cartomizers and two standard kits.  The fully charged battery of this highly functional kit offers around 200 to 250 puffs. This incredible couple kit is the best and carbon free option to have fresh smelling mouth and clothes.

People around the cities have been found to love different kits of the company.  Peter Scott has recently quit smoking with the help of SteamLite. Peter says, “It’s been great to find such a fresh smelling great alternative to regular smokes. My family used to be extremely worried about me when I used to take puffs in real cigarettes, but now with the help of SteamLite, I have successfully come out of the bad habit of mine. The prices of these cigarettes are not even heavy to my pocket, like other brands in the market. I am eternally thankful to the tam of this company for this incredible invention.”

About SteamLite:
SteamLite brings in the incredible range of highly functional e-cigs. This company is based in UK.