Radar Wave Dissipation for Stealth Technology

Stealth technology also known as LO technology is a sub-discipline of military tactics and passive electronic countermeasures and is one of the finest mechanical inventions. It covers a range of techniques used with aircraft,personnel,ships, submarines, missiles and satellites to make them ideally invisible to all detection methods which include radar, infrared, sonar and a many more. It helps in military camouflage for the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Lets see into history to find out how and when it all started. Development of stealth technologies started in the United States in 1958, owing to their unsuccessful attempt of preventing radar tracking of its U-2 spy planes during the Cold War initiated by the Soviet Union.

It was then designers turned to develop a particular shape for planes that helped to reduce detection, by redirecting electromagnetic waves from radars. Radar-absorbent material was tested and made to lessen or block radar signals that reflects off from the surface of planes.

Hence this technology involves a technique to conceal or disguise the correct size or shape of an object scanned by a radar. Radar waves are essentially deceived when applied to an object. It could be used to increase the invisibility of a vehicle designed for stealth, or to add stealth features to a regular vehicle.

The technology is mainly applied to military vehicles and capital ships. Moreover if properly designed, this technology could be retro-deployable on existing military vehicles,aircraft and capital ships. Given the possible future availability of radar-guided SAM’s, commercial aircraft might come under risk.

The developing organization believes that if its technology is developed successfully, it will be the most efficient radar defensive technology available for all division of the military and commercial sectors. This technology can become a more adaptable and cost-effective supplement to the existing Stealth technology currently deployed.

The technology is supported by a US patent. This application was previously under a USAF Secrecy Order.

In term of military benefit, the only advantage is of disguising aircraft when entering in enemy territory. Though this technology was developed in the 1970’s, yet it is currently available on existing F-117’s and B-2’s and is being included into development of the Joint Strike Fighter and other military aircraft.

However, the limitations of the Stealth technology are well known, which includes its restriction to specific mission and is not retro-deployable on existing military aircraft. The organization believes that these limitations can be overcome via its new and unique technology.

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