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Researchers are trying to find a link between female libido to the estrogens and progesterone. Ayurveda believes estrogens to be the main responsible for increasing female libido. Although, in the allopathic testosterone is artificially induced in women for enhancing her sexual desire but researchers are still trying to find a link. Some experts think that artificially when testosterone is induced in female body for enhancing sexual desire, it is converted to estrogens and it enhances desire in women. Ayurveda recommends use of herbs that are rich in phytoestrogen to prepare herbal pills for women suffering from low libido. Fantasy capsules increase energy and enhances female libido as it contains plant-based extracts rich in phytoestrogen.

The problem of low libido is a common problem in more than 30 percent of women. Women suffering from various problems of monthly cycles are given various treatments which can have adverse impact on libido. Women suffering from any form of disorders and taking medical therapy for such problem can have the problem of poor interest in lovemaking. Progesterone is responsible for low libido in women. It causes a range of symptoms such as vaginal atrophy, dryness and decreased sensation. Fantasy capsules increase energy and desire of women towards lovemaking. It restores the balance of estrogens in female body as it contains phytocompounds that can convert into human hormones to fulfill the body's requirements. The herbs in the capsule balance the hormone secretion for enhancing mood.

Role of Testosterone: Testosterone is also an important hormone that is considered to be a man's hormone and it heightens the sensation of orgasms in women. Both, young and ageing women suffering from low libido have low estrogens secretion in their body. These day's women handle multiple activities in personal lives and professional field. The burden and need to work towards marriage, partnership, raising the children, handling partner and stress related activities can reduce time spent with partner and this can result in causing a low desire and satisfaction, which can be damaging for long-term relationship.

Phytoestrogen in everyday foods: There are many herbs that are commonly used in kitchen for preparing everyday food that are rich in phyto estrogens. For example - alfalfa, thyme, hops etc. It is also found in soybeans, flaxseed, nuts, red clover and whole grains etc. Research has shown that a regulated intake of phytoestrogen restricts the cells from absorbing estrogens in the body but an increased amount mimics into body type estrogens and regulates body functions. Plant-based estrogens have been recommended by experts to reduce risk of various forms of heart diseases and osteoporosis in women. 

Bio-identical hormones produced by plant-based components regulate hormone balance in body without showing any aside effects. Additionally, the nutrition in the herbal capsule helps the body to recover from various forms of illness. Fantasy capsules increase energy and it is the

best solution for women suffering from low libido. The capsule contains the appropriate combination and quality of herbs that are rich in nutrition. These herbs improve the condition of body and mind to enhance libido in women.

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