Ladypreneur League to Host Monthly Workshops and Events, Offer Atlanta Membership

The Atlanta-based online career & lifestyle destination expands to offer local women entrepreneurs educational and networking opportunities.


Contact: Porsha Thomas


Atlanta, GA – March 11, 2014 – Ladypreneur League is excited to announce that it will step fully into its role as a social networking group by hosting curated monthly events and workshops for Atlanta women entrepreneurs.

Focusing on uplifting and inspiring both current and aspiring ladypreneurs, LL founder Porsha Thomas will be partnering with a number of women business owners to provide entrepreneurial educational and networking opportunities.

Starting March 15th, LL will offer a series of workshops titled Highbrow Ladies Get Sh*t Done held quarterly at WAX and hosted by Thomas and Myka Barbato, WAX owner and co-founder of the lifestyle blog Highbrow Hippie. Every fourth Sunday of the month, Ladypreneur Therapy sessions will take place at Hodgepodge Coffeehouse & Gallery and feature female founder talks, how-to workshops, Skill-and-Tell events, and general “decompress nights” where women can connect and dish on their ladypreneur lifestyles. While most activities will be held on Sundays, LL fans can look forward to events held during the week as well as seen with the organization’s upcoming #TakeYourCareer event taking place at Indie Craft Experience’s Candler Park studio Wednesday, March 18th from 7-9PM.

Founded October 2013 and officially launched February 2014, the organization and career & lifestyle website was created from Thomas’ desire to connect with like-minded women entrepreneurs and also from her love of networking and events. Thomas is happy to finally get the “organization part" of LL off the ground with its monthly get-togethers.

“I’ve been told, ‘Porsha, I don’t know anybody who networks for fun except you.’ I thought it was hilarious and totally true. I love hosting and attending events that allow me to meet people who I can create something lovely with,” Thomas says. “When I came to Atlanta in 2013, I wanted to connect with ladies like myself – young, entrepreneurial, and interested in collaborating to create bigger things. The few events I attended were great, but not what I was looking for. So I thought I’d create it. I started with a "webzine" style website because I thought showcasing women entrepreneurs doing their thing was crucial. I also wanted to offer career & lifestyle insight for millennial ladypreneurs through the site. But I always knew that hosting events was the next thing. It’s been a little over a year now, and I am so excited to finally activate this part of my dream.”

In addition to offering workshops and events, on Sunday, March 1st, LL announced it would offer Atlanta memberships. For $25 annually, Ladypreneur League // Atlanta members can access the organization’s private Facebook community, receive discounts and first dibbs on new workshops and events, be invited to members-only networking events, access LL’s library of ladypreneur printables and more.

With LL, Thomas’ end goal is to create a thriving community of women entrepreneurs invested in supporting each other’s successes and interested in collaboration, not competition.

“Women are typically portrayed as catty, in-competition and whatever-else negative adjective. Yes, sometimes we can feed into that, but I’d venture to say that just as many of us do not,” Thomas says. “And I’m over it. The women in my circle are genuinely about uplifting each other and working together. That’s what Ladypreneur League is for. I consider it a safe haven for the ambitious, the pioneering and those who subscribe to the idea that you can’t do ‘it’ alone.”


Ladypreneur League is an Atlanta-based social networking group and online career & lifestyle destination for millennial women entrepreneurs to learn, collaborate and create. Through its online community and fruitful workshops and events, Ladypreneur League’s goal is to uplift and inspire women living the ladypreneur lifestyle and those looking to join the hustle.