The popular brand for Islamic clothing, MyBatua has introduced a beautiful line of heavily affordable abayas at specially discounted price of 18$. Many of the dresses featured in the collection are made with high quality fabrics and great designs that conventional markets are selling them for much higher prices. These Abayas contain designs that blend modern and cultural styles in an appropriate way to show our beautiful taste.

Some of the most popular products from this new collection include the Varisha Abaya, Sehrish Aura Green Abaya, Yasmeen Abaya, Zahra Abaya, Zehna White Abaya, Rihana Abaya, Natasha Maroon Abaya, Criss-Cross Black Abaya, Zehna Brown Abaya, Urshia Black Abaya, Criss Cross Abaya, Zehna Black Abaya, Zehna Abaya, Natasha Abaya, and Mysah Abaya. All these lovely dresses are available for only 18$. The heavily discounted collection is worth the quality and designs being offered.

The director of MyBatua“For designing Abayas, we use handmade embroidery and embellishment. We choose high quality fabric and we care about the finishing and final result. I usually use different fabrics, such as, crepe, silk and lace. “The idea behind this collection is to offer abayas featuring the type of cuts and fabrics that you cannot already find in the market, “Modernity and elegance are the two key elements we were striving for.”

He added, “We are presenting abayas at reasonably priced range with best quality. We have tried to keep the prices as reasonable and as promising as possible. We are happy that Insha`Allah we are able to facilitate you with your abaya needs.”

One of the regular customers of the brand was quoted, “ delivers an extended online product range and shows the company’s commitment to offer diverse styles of Islamic clothing and trends, while keeping in mind the traditional aspects”.

While the classic abaya tends to be feminine and soft, MyBatua 18$ collection incorporate touches of contemporary embroidery adding to the sentiment that the looks are practical works of art.

Mybatua abayas are planned to run together with today's today’s women on voyages around the globe. A few plans are stitched to consider strolling in city avenues both at home and away. The accumulation is intended to be worn by ladies from all foundations who may not conventionally relate to the Gulf's conventional dress however might want to make it some piece of their unfolding stories. The abaya, much the same as the area's society, is always advancing, and the fate of style lies in trendsetting ladies' hands.

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