China Smart Meter Industry Report, 2013-2016 adds report China Smart Meter Industry Report, 2013-2016 to its store.China Smart Meter Industry Report 2013-2016 released predicts that the market scale of Chinese smart water meters, smart gas meters and smart heat meters will reach 16.5 million units, 24.3 million units and 17 million units separately in 2016, with the respective CAGR of 19.21%, 26.51% and 29.32% in 2013-2016.

Smart meters, also known as intelligent measurement instruments, including smart electric meters, smart water meters, smart gas meters and smart heat meters, are mainly used for the measurement of supply and consumption of electricity, water, gas, heat and oil. Affected by the development of smart grids, smart electric meters have been developing rapidly.

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Smart electric meters are mainly sold through centralized bidding. In 2012, smart electric meters occupied 97.18% of the bids invited by State Grid for electric meters. In 2013-2014, China's demand for smart electric meters will mainly be newly increased demand; after 2015, the demand will consist of newly increased demand and replacement demand (the replacement cycle is about 5 years).

In 2012, smart water meters occupied about 15% of the total water meters in China, and developed slowly. The main reason lied in: regional water companies implemented their own water meter intellectualization in accordance with respective planning. In the future, with the popularization of the tiered pricing (for water, gas, etc.) and the heat metering reform in the nationwide scope, smart meters will prevail gradually.

In 2008-2012, the majority of listed smart meter companies gained the revenue CAGR of over 20%. For example, smart electric meter companies Ningbo Sanxing Electric and Wasion Group achieved the respective revenue CAGR of 22.4% and 23.35%; smart water meter firms Sanchuan and Suntront obtained 22.06% and 36.38% separately; Goldcard Hi-tech specializing in smart gas meters saw 53.24%.

The report mainly includes 7 chapters and 76 charts, makes analysis and prediction on the relevant data in each chapter, and covers the following aspects:

  • China's macroeconomic environment (including GDP, industrial added value, investment, consumption, import and export);
  • Overview of smart meter industry (including definition, characteristics, business models, etc.);
  • Development of smart electric meter, smart water meter, smart gas meter and heat meter industries (including products, industrial policies, market size, competition patterns, prospects, etc.);
  • 10 major smart meter companies (including introduction, main financial indicators, revenue structure by product and region, output and sales volume of major products, subsidiaries, core competitiveness, etc.).

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Table Of Contents

1 Macro-economic Environment in China, 2011-2013
1.1 China's GDP
1.2 Industrial Added Value
1.3 Fixed Investment
1.4 Consumption in Stable Growth
1.5 Import & Export
1.6 Price Level
1.7 Macroeconomic Forecast 2012-2013E

2 Overview of Smart Meter Industry
2.1 Definition and Classification
2.2 Features
2.3 Business Models

3 Smart Electric Meter Industry
3.1 Definition and Classification
3.2 Sales Models
3.3 Industrial Policies
3.4 Market Supply and Demand
3.4.1 Market Supply
3.4.2 Market Demand
3.5 Competiton Patterns
3.6 Demand-driven Forces
3.6.1 Smart Grid Investment
3.6.2 Tiered Pricing

4 Smart Water Meter Industry
4.1 Definition and Classification
4.2 Market Size
4.3 Competition Patterns
4.4 Outlook

5 Smart Gas Meter Industry
5.1 Definition and Classification
5.2 Industrial Policies
5.3 Market Size
5.4 Competition Patterns
5.5 Outlook

6 Heat Meter Industry
6.1 Definition and Classification
6.2 Industrial Policies
6.3 Market Size
6.3.1 Sales Volume
6.3.2 Market Size
6.4 Competition Patterns

7 Key Smart Meter Enterprises
7.1 Ningbo Sanxing Electric Co., Ltd.
7.2 Jiangsu Linyang Electronics Co., Ltd.
7.3 Wasion Group Holdings Limited
7.4 Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co., Ltd.
7.5 Jiangxi Sanchuan Water Meter Co., Ltd.
7.6 Henan Suntront Technology Co., Ltd.
7.7 Goldcard High-Tech Co., Ltd.
7.8 Shaanxi Aerospace Power Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.
7.9 Integrated Electronic Systems Lab Co., Ltd.
7.10 Tangshan Huizhong Instrumentation Co., Ltd.

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