Our "Training Culture"

Registered Training Organisation located in Perth Australia specialising in Supervisor Training and Assessment for all contractors to the mining industry. Our focus is sourcing, implementing and sharing across the training industry world's best practice in identifying the typical workplace risks to safety and production in the contractors industry and applying 360 skills assessments to identify the current skill gaps of Supervisors then source, develop and implement world's best practice in simulation training to present the typical safety and production risks to the Supervisors and immerse then in realistic workplace situations with variable outcomes depending on their actions so they can see for themselves the consequences of effective and ineffective methods of dealing with these risks. 

For too long the training industry has been focused on traditional training and assessment techniques that have limited effect on effecting real workplace change by the supervisors. Providing training and assessment that results in positive changes to the a company's actual performance metrics such as a reduction in events that cause harm or an increase in the profitability of a project is the only true way of measuring the return on your Investment in training. We can no longer rely on measuring against pre and post performance using subjective surveys or skill assessments. 

These must be applied in conjunction with comparing the company's verifiable metrics and asking did this training we paid for have a positive result for our metrics that is over and above our historical trend lines. Training cannot be held up as successful unless this is achieved. Our research and methods are based on the last 30 years of work done in this area by industry leading organisations The Centre for Creative Leadership,, Mike Allen from Allen Interactive and the IACET

Remember the purpose of  mandated compliance training by a State or Federal Government or Major Industry Client is to help insure the industry keeps improving which in return helps our economy providing all Australians a better standard of living. If training companies are just going through the motions and not causing a change in company metrics then they are not industry leaders effecting real change they are only in it for the money which over time will reveal itself as history has taught us. How many times have we heard regulators or major clients say "We've put a lot of time and money into compliance training or safety systems but the number of fatalities or significant harmful events is not going down." 

Don't be satisfied with training companies that don't ask "What is the goal of this training and what company metrics are we going to be analyzing this training against." At the end of the day we should be doing whatever works to get your company tending in the right direction. This means being creative, testing and measuring new training and assessment methods and challenging the status quo. Does your training company do the same things everyone else is doing because that's the current "Training Culture". In our opinion there are few training companies that are legitimately striving to effect change even though their marketing materials will tell you differently. 

Give us a go and if your metrics don't change don't use us again - simple - don't waste your training budget on ineffectual training. This applies to all that mandated compliance training for so called "trained and competent workers." Sure your training matrix no longer has any gaps but big deal any monkey can fill a spreadsheet. Start working towards finding training providers that are not satisfied until there is verifiable data from you not them that proves your metrics are trending in the right direction at a higher rate than before the training. 

The other way you know its working is you see and feel it all around you - you start noticing, hearing and experiencing changes in workers behaviours and attitudes - your company culture changes before your very eyes and you no longer need to spend your day focused on filling that spreadsheet with training dates and Statements of Attainment to make you feel some job satisfaction. If you want to feel real change call us because we don't stop until our contract with you is fulfilled. If this means we have to redo stuff at our own expense then so be it because that's our "Training Culture". 

If you just want to chat and get some advice about training you need in an area not covered by us still give us a call we will be happy to provide you with free advice - because that still hits one of our goals which is to lead positive change in our own industry.