Tom's Towbars Improves Steel Tray Design & Installation Services

Tom’s Towbars, a trusted company offering pipe bending and tow bar services, improves their vehicle tray services. Customers wanting to customise their trucks and vehicles can work with the company for aluminium or steel tray installations.

[Wangara, Perth, WA, June 4, 2014] – Tom’s Towbars, a leading pipe bending and tow bar company in Perth, strengthens their vehicle tray design and installation services. Customers who want to customise their trucks and vehicles by adding aluminium or steel trays can work with the company for a sturdier build and a more reliable service.

Tom’s Towbars specialises in towbar trays and fabrications. They have an extensive range of related products and services, from their renowned towbar fitting services, to custom-built trays and racks that can fit in any truck or vehicle. With their commitment to providing only the best service to customers, the company has recently improved their vehicle tray design and installation, which is now available in steel.

Aluminium and Steel Trays

Tom’s Towbars can create and install truck trays for different purposes and industries. Their medium duty trays are ideal for those looking for a sturdy vehicle tray, but have a small budget. These installations are made to the highest standards and are ideal for couriers and customers who need a transport service for materials and other supplies. The tray comes with heavy-duty floor planking and is available in different sizes, similar to all of the company’s tray types.

The newest addition to their range is the steel tray, which features a very robust frame and a standard chequer plate floor. These are built to specification and are suitable even for use in the mining industry.

For customers who have their own design in mind, Tom’s Towbars also accepts custom aluminium or steel tray projects.

About Tom’s Towbars

Tom’s Towbars is a leading pipe bending and tow bar company based in the Perth suburb of Wangara. This family-run business has been in the industry for more than 25 years and has established themselves as one of the best workshops in the area. They offer a range of vehicle customisation works, including vehicle trays, customised roof racks, trailers, tool boxes, bullbars, roobars, vehicle front protection bars, bike racks, pipe bending, and other related products and services.

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