It’s that time of the year again at Marshalls!

Mr. Baldevkrishan Sharma, the founder of the 39-year old brand is completing his 67 wonderful rounds around the Sun. And in the celebration of this, Marshalls and Elite Living are offering 67% more on the entire range of wallcoverings, furnishings and flooring's. So, it’s a celebratory mood at the Marshalls family and the founder’s birthday offers the perfect occasion to celebrate.

Mr. Baldevkrishan Sharma shares, “As a principle, we believe in pricing the product right rather than having some offers round the year like most retail brands. Marshalls believes in being a people’s brand and hence, such an offer.

The brand Marshalls has been synonymous with wallcoverings since the time it was first commercially available in India. Hence, the onus lies on the brand not only to provide the best in design, quality and service, but grow the category as well.

Marshalls Director Mona Menon reacts, “We’re looking to reach the magical figure of 100 showrooms. Thanks to the global exposure, today, people are more aesthetics-conscious. This not just opens a huge opportunity for us but for our franchise-based model. The enthusiasm was palpable at our franchisee Conference concluded recently and it’s good to see the interest being generated from all quarters.”

Marshalls Diector Karan Sharma expects this to be the biggest offer till date. “The brand seems to have come of age. It was interesting to note that some of the consumers were already enquiring about the offer since last month. Looking at the brand’s popularity, we’ve launched a few cool merchandise, as well which we plan to distribute at this year’s offer. We expect the response to be both – overwhelming and heartwarming. We’d like to thank everyone once again and invite to take full advantage of 67% MORE.”

Vandana Sethi, Director Water Brand Consulting, who has been shaping the brand for many years adds, "In the annals of retail marketing such innovative approaches are extremely hard to come by. Marshalls has shattered the myth that all businesses are based on sales- it has established a much high touted concept of customer loyalty. Many aspire for it, comes but very naturally to a veteran player like Marshalls!"

Here's to 67%MORE. May the founder live long.