Tell Me What You Want! What You Really, Really Want!

Recently that question was posed to Steve and Corey Neuner of Alkali Benefits & Insurance, but not in the “right now I want some ice cream” way. Rather, what is it that you want your life to mean? They asked themselves this question before, and found that they needed to make some changes in order to become the people they really wanted to be. They believe that your life is what you make it, and whatever you place the most meaning on becomes the most important thing. Several years ago, they decided that they wanted their lives to have a bigger purpose. This meant they had to change the way they approached everything – including finances. Thus began their journey for Meaningful Money.

Money Matters – But Not the Way You Think

Several years ago Steve called Corey excited about some guy he heard on the radio. He thought they should check out what this guy had to say, since he was going to be in their area, and he was talking about how to gain Financial Peace. They were so excited to think about how they could go from their existing lives to one of financial freedom. Little did they know how hard this would really be!

It’s amazing to think about how far they’ve come since that life-altering day in 2004. At that time, they lived on extremely restrictive budgets so they could become debt-free. However, that was only the first step in a life-long journey.

What Steve and Corey knew was that they wanted to make a positive impact for others, much the way “that guy,” Dave Ramsey, did for them all those years ago. Their relationship with each other and with money changed on that day, and they now know that money is a tool to help you get what you really, really want. For them, that was a way to positively impact lives of those around them, whether it is clients, employees or even the rest of the insurance industry. How did they take those next big steps?

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