Sci-Fi Saga Podcast Series “DIMENSION” Dives Deeper with Reboot and New Companion Blog


LOS ANGELES (June 22, 2015) – The science fiction saga podcast DIMENSION dive even deeper into the action rebooting both Season One and Two of the series with a fresh new website and the companion blog, “The Science & Philosophy of Dimension.” In addition, Season One of this action/noir drama created by Christina Barsi is now available for free download on iTunes.

DIMENSION begins when three unidentified young women wake up in the desert, disheveled and disoriented. They have no memory concerning their identities or their arrival but are each harboring a sense of vengeance and conviction. The mystery behind their arrival lies in the fact that they originated as one single woman whose traumatic experience caused her to enter a new dimension, breaking the time continuum. Now that they are here, they each seek answers to their mysterious past.

Now along with each DIMENSION episode, the companion blog titled “The Science & Philosophy of Dimension,” will offer an examination of its themes by use of metaphors from literature (particularly Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass) and personal experiences, while defining pertinent science focused concepts found in the series.

Barsi, wrote, directed and stars-in all 31 episodes of this fully produced podcast in the style of an old radio show, began airing live in April 2013. To bring the series to life with sound effects, Barsi enlisted experimental sound artist and improvisational musician Rick Potts, a founding member of LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society). Lending their voice to the series along with Barsi are Lance Kramer, Karthik Srinivasan, Lexii Jaye and Andrew Stroud.

Originally, Barsi set out to create the series in order to fill a void, explaining, “The whole project was created out of a desire to play female characters that had a great story. My frustrations with the entertainment industry left me contemplating larger ideas about life and the significance of time, thus a science fiction series was born.”

Up next, Barsi has hopes to take DIMENSION into the television arena. She is also currently in post-production on the docu-short film IS ANYONE LISTENING: A PODCAST STORY and she’ll head into pre-production on the short film she wrote, titled THE LAST NIGHT. 

For more about “DIMENSION” and "The Science & Philosophy of Dimension" blog visit:

Season One available on iTunes: DimensionPodcast